Page Title: Why do teens commit acts of vandalism?

Why do Teens Vandalize?
While there are many reasons teens commit acts of vandalism, one of the most common reasons is that they are simply ‘bored’. Destroying property provides teens with both ‘something to do’ and an adrenaline rush, as they try to commit their chosen act without getting caught.

Another common reason teen’s commit vandalism is revenge. Whether they feel wronged by an institution or individual, teens may take out their anger and frustration by ‘anonymously’ defacing the property of someone or something they feel has wronged them. Other common reasons include “anger” and “defiance”, which follow the same patterns of reasoning. While your teen is thankfully taking out his issues on an inanimate object instead of a living being, he still must be taught that his actions are still harmful.

Teens have also been found to commit acts of vandalism as a bonding/acceptance activity. When done as part of a group of friends or peers, vandalism offers the opportunity for your teen to prove his allegiance or bravery to his peer group, regardless of if he is a ‘good kid’ or not.